• Automatic

    Bottom Hemming


    Automatically complete a series of different

    process including folding, sewing, cutting and stacking.

    And it significantly increase the production as well as ensure the quality.

  • Automatic

    Elastic Waistband Machine

    This equipment can combine three different process of "overlap seam"、 "flat seam" and "weld".


    Its perform high efficiency and ensure stable quality.

  • Automatic

    Collar Attaching


    Automatic align the collar edge and positions the collar seam, also

    the position and the puckers can be digitally adjusted.

  • Automatic

    Collar Joining


    This equipment is used to join a single strip fabric into a collar.

    Four processes can be selected for production according to requirements.


About Us

HONYU was born in the bustling city, Hongkong in Aisa. After years of trials and hardship, now it has been the professional sewing machine manufacturer of the sewing industry in China at a high development speed. Honyu sewing machine devoted to Zhongshan Huachen Electrical Technology Co., Ltd in 2009 as the development and production base, and it’s specialized in the industrial sewing machines.

Why Choose Us

Cell automation R & D and production services

The transition from production worker to technician is achieved by leveraging technology and innovation to improve the skills and efficiency of sewing production workers.

Smart Manufacturing Sewing Solutions

Provide reliable solutions for intelligent manufacturing & digital factories in the sewing industry, and a professional service team to help customers transform and upgrade.

Targeted development of intelligent manufacturing projects

According to the individual needs of customer factories, we can provide equipment-oriented R&D and production.

OEM/ODM business cooperation

It can provide diversified cooperation modes such as OEM or ODM for the industrial sewing machine industry.

Our Advantage

Honyu company has set up marketing center, R&D center, production center, quality inspection center, financial administration center, CNC workshop, assembly workshop, and technical support department. 30% of technical staff have more than 10 years of industry experience, and talent cultivation is Honyu Maintain the driving force of continuous innovation.

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ADD: Honyu Building, No.144, Middle Xiaolan Road, Zhongshan City, Guangdong China

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